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"I just hope to be here long enough to do something awesome." - Shawn Spencer, Psych

Aimee was born and raised in Minnesota to a mother with deep Norwegian ancestry, and a father who immigrated from Tunisia. Mom taught her to access her creativity through activities like singing, acting, drawing and reading fanciful stories. Dad taught her to access her analytical mind through complex logic problems, math problems, getting lost "on purpose" in order to find their way home, and to enjoy sports.

Aimee moved from the frozen climate in Minnesota to attend the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA. She had a hard time deciding if she would major in Physics, Vocal Arts, or Cinema/Television studies.  Ultimately, her love of "the industry" won, and she majored in Cinema (much to her Physics professor's chagrin....). While there, she took the opportunity to study abroad in Scotland and obtained her minor in History.

Aimee's professional life has seen her in roles at Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, Disney Consumer Products,,, Intel, Verizon, and AOL. (Ironically, When Aimee was at Warner Bros., the parent company was "AOL Time Warner," so when she found herself with AOL, now owned by Verizon, it was as if she'd come full circle).

Aimee's career has, since the start, been a perfect blend of creativity and analytical thinking. Each of her jobs has found her in a role where she must create a system for data management, build a process for operational teams to find their efficiencies, design products for more efficient tools and customer facing experiences, write technical documentation and/or train teams, all while working on what she considers as fun and creative brands and properties.  Her past supervisors would have no trouble referring to Aimee as someone who can accomplish any challenge thrown her way, and any problem that needs to be solved.

Aimee's dream would be to work for a team that strives to solve complex issues using creative solutions.

In her free time, Aimee still enjoys singing, reading, hiking, and getting lost on purpose.